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2008 From the Floor Archive 

A year in the PICU and our young patient kept fighting.
Why is nursing considered an expense to the hospital rather than a source of revenue?
There are 100 nurses serving in Congress and the State legislatures.  Could you be next?.
From State House of Legislature to the nurse on the floor, this important debate continues.
Patients need to carefully weigh risks and benefits of medical tourism.
One nurse's stories of life in the ER.
A Coping with the Infamous Topeka (Kansas) Tornado of 1966.
A look at the Prairie View A&M University School of Nursing cheating scandal.
Home health nursing a specialty that offers unique and challenging experiences for the Registered Nurse.
A look back at how nursing  and nursing responsibilities have changed and evolved over the past century.
Some tips and techniques for nurse to keep in mind when looking for a new job or interviewing prospective employers.  
How Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs can help you better understand your nursing team's needs.
Could nursing education and nursing schools benefit from their own "Flexner report"?
What sacrifices are we willing to make?
Why other health care systems seem better than ours.