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2007 From the Floor Archive 

When the going gets tough
A tale of how a Diphtheria epidemic and short-staffing challenges were overcome by a dedicated nursing team.

Do Not Send
A look into the use of the "Do Not Send" list and how it impacts nurses.

Stop and Think -- Twice!
With MRSA a growing concern in hospitals and other health care settings this is an article every nurse should read.  This article focuses on how nurses can play their part in preventing hospital-borne infections and cross-contamination by following basic protocols.

Intermittent Reinforcement
Tools and techniques to improve morale and professionalism among the nursing team.

The Little Things
How "little things" can build up or break down the nursing team.

Grading the Hospital
Are hospitals graded in objective terms or subjective terms?

Chain of Command
The chain of command in nursing, and how a nurse can use it to protect the patient.

Belonging to a Nursing Association
How belonging to a Nursing Association can be a beneficial experience for a nurse.

Should Nurses Negotiate their own Contracts?
The pros and cons for nurses to consider when it comes to negotiating a contract for employment.

It's All About Respect
One nurse's opinion about how nurses are perceived by the media, the public, and the physicians with whom we work.

Just Doing What We Do
A personal story in honor of Nurse's Week.

Medication Errors, a Nurse's Worst Nightmare
Exploring medication errors in nursing and what can be done to prevent them.

Mentoring -- Part II
Part two of a two part series on the role or mentoring in Nursing.

Mentoring -- Part I
Part one of a two part series on the role or mentoring in Nursing.

Mandatory Overtime
Is mandatory overtime, mandatory?

Bedside Rounds for Nurses
A look at using besides rounds and how this can help improve quality of care and patient satisfaction.