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2006 From the Floor Archive

Following in Our Footsteps
Nursing is still a profession where we are proud to have our children join us in.

A Breach of Integrity
A look at the 2006 selling of the answers to two parts of the Philippine Nursing test.

Disabled Nurses: Too Valuable to Sideline
Alternatives to using a nurse who can no longer work at the bedside and how this can benefit the nursing team and patients.

Latex Allergy
How latex sensitivity can affect nurses. 

Is the Charge Nurse a "Real" Manager?
In anticipation of the NRLB ruling on the Kentucky Rivers decision can be a good thing for nurses and the nurse in management.

Art of Report
Tips for nurses on giving accurate and complete report.

Keeping our Profession 'Professional'
The importance of nurses acting in a professional manner.

The Shift Wars
Exploring the 6, 8 and 12 hour shifts, is one better than the other?

Language-Assisted NCLEX, What are They Thinking?
The argument against a "language-assisted" NCLEX, if a nursing candidate who is planning to work in the United States lacks sufficient English comprehension skills to take the NCLEX exam in English, then will this nurse have the ability to function at their fullest in the US hospital environment?

Angels of Death
A look at how Angels of Death "hide" within the hospital environment and what the nursing team can do if they suspect an Angel of Death is working among them.

When the Nurse is the Problem
What happens when the nurse is the disruptive element on the floor? Tips and techniques to handle such a scenario are outlined.

The Good Samaritan
A look at Good Samaritan laws and how they protect nurses.

The Great Uniform Debate
A look at the return of nursing uniforms, the pros and cons.

Cliques, and why this is not a good thing
A look at the growing problem of cliques among nursing teams and how this has a negative impact on nurses.

The "Difficult to Deal With" Patient
Tips and techniques to deal with the "difficult patient".

Why do You?
An inspirational article written to remind nurses, just why nursing is such a satisfying career.