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2005 From the Floor Archive

A National Nursing License
Is there a need for a national nursing license? How a national nursing license could help mitigate the nursing shortage.

A Not so Modest Proposal -- Pt. II
Part two of a two part series on a suggestions of how the nursing profession could be "re-engineered".

A Not so Modest Proposal -- Pt. I
Part one of a two part series on a suggestions of how the nursing profession could be "re-engineered".

The Registry Nurse: Member of the Team?
A look a how the registry nurse is a member of the nursing team, even if that nurse choses not to be a staff nurs

What Our Patients Don't Tell Us
A look at how sometimes a nurse has to be equal parts nurse and detective in order to provide the best possible care.

Do Nurse's 'Guilt Trip' Patients?
Why guilt is not a good tool for the nurses toolkit.

Are You a 'Type A' or 'Type B' Nurse?
What style of nursing do you use?

Returning to Nursing, After an Absence
The advantages to encourage the nurse who has left nursing to return to nursing.

Returning Charting by Exception: It's Easier then you Think Pt. I  Pt. II
Charting by exception, how to use it and why it can make your job easier.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
How relying on the "importation" of nurses is adding to the nursing shortage and shifting the focus from the need to develop a strong "internal" pipeline for nurses.

Paying Your Dues: Is the Cost too High?
A look at how the mentality of "paying your dues" is a detriment to the nursing profession.

Alphabet Soup
Is nursing going overboard with the long lists of initials that one often finds behind a nurse's name?

The White Coat of Silence
How bad and incompetent nurses hide behind the "white coat of silence" and how bad management lays the ground work for this mentality to thrive.

When Smart Nurses do not so Smart Things
How the stress of a poor hospital environment can cause a nurse to learn "bad" nursing behavior.


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